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Fuel bioethanol-based high-octane ecological fuel additive production
Publication date : 29.08.2018

Inquiry on the investment project
Project name "Biohim Company" JSC
Intended purpose Production of high-octane ecological fuel additives on the basis of bioethanol fuel.
Region of project: Kazakhstan, Northern Kazakhstan oblast, the city Taiynsha.
Production capacity: Supposed capacity of processing grains is 220 000 tonnes.
Technological equipment: Frings – Austria Gmbh (Austria), Schmid (Germany), Drytec (Great Britain).
Supposed products:
  • Bioethanol - 36  thousand tonnes in a year; 
  • Higher quality protein (gluten) -  17 thousand tonnes in a year; 
  • Carbon dioxide (СО2) (by-product) – 7,4 thousand tonnes in a year; 
  • Hydroxyphenyl ethyl alcohol – 1,5 thousand tonnes in a year; 
  • Dry distillery dregs – 22 thousand tonnes in a year; 
  • Boltings – 48,0 thousand tonnes in a year; 
  • Starch – 35,2 thousand tonnes in a year; 
  • BE 95 – 66 thousand tonnes in a year, BE 92 – 231 thousand tonnes in a year; 
  • HOK (higher octane component) – 110 thousand tonnes in a year;
Market outlets the RoK, RF
Application area of product: Bioethanol is a main component for production of fuel corresponding to Euro 4 standards;
Project company Bio Operations LLP
Participation share of IRK: 100% of participating interests in the charter capital of Bio Operations LLP
Partners of IFK on project: "KazMunaiGas - Processing and Marketing" JSC and "Bioline KZ" LLP
Status of company's activity: incumbent company
Competitive environment (consumers) this plant is unique in the RoK
Strategy of project: Launch and modernization of production