Complex for the production of special coke and the production of electrical and thermal energy
Publication date : 25.08.2018

JSC "Investment Fund of Kazakhstan" announces the sale / lease / loan of the Complex for the production of special coke and generation of electric and thermal energy (hereinafter - the Complex).

The complex is located at: Karaganda, Oktyabrsky district, st. Bakunin, building 42. The complex includes: buildings and structures with a total area of 3,350.9 square meters. m., access railway branch, pump, electric substation. The production capacity is 41.73 tons / hour, which allows for the load factor of the line to ensure the production of steel profiles up to 100 thousand tons per year by 60%.

Contacts for the reception of proposals: Zilvan district, 55 A, Mangilik Yel Avenue, Astana, Esil district, Z05T2;

Tel. 87172-559596 вн.329, c 9-30 до 19-00. E-mail: