Board of Directors of the Investment fund of Kazakhstan was held
Publication date : 24.10.2018

By the Board of Directors chaired by the Deputy Chairman of the Board of “Baiterek” Holding, Anuar Omarhodzhayev, considered a number of issues. Thus, by the participants of meeting approved amendments and additions to the Development plan of the “Investment fund of Kazakhstan” JSC for 2017-2021 (in terms of indicators for 2018-2021).

During the meeting, the following documents were also approved: amendments and additions to the Policy for the management of temporarily free monetary funds of the “Investment fund of Kazakhstan” joint stock company; reports on the results of evaluating the effectiveness of the risk management system in “Investment fund of Kazakhstan” JSC, on the work of the Board of Directors, Committees of the Board of Directors, Corporate Secretary of “Investment fund of Kazakhstan” JSC for the 3rd quarter of 2018, on performance of key performance indicators of the Corporate Secretary of “Investment fund Kazakhstan” JSC for the 3rd quarter of 2018. 

By the participants also was made decisions on the placement (sale) of shares of “Investment fund of Kazakhstan” JSC, including the number of shares to be placed (sold) within the number of declared shares, the method and price of their placement (sale).

By the participants of the in-person meeting was made a decision №13 dated 23.09.2018 on concluding a transaction in which “Investment Fund of Kazakhstan” JSC is interested, this is a transaction by signing an additional contract with “Baiterek Development” JSC to the contract for the procurement of office rental services.

In addition, within the framework of the meeting, a preliminary considered the issue submitted for decision-making by the sole shareholder, - the Regulation on the Board of Directors of  “Investment fund of Kazakhstan” JSC in a new edition.

“Investment fund of Kazakhstan” JSC is a national institute of development and management company in the field of restructuring and management of stressful assets. The Fund is a subsidiary of “National Management Holding “Baiterek” JSC.