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Currently, the investment portfolio of the Fund includes 55 projects in 15 branches of economy. For a period from its establishment until 1 January 2015 the Fund received 509 investment projects for a total amount of more than 2.4 billion KZT. In different years, the Fund withdrew from 9 projects with 100% return on investments for the amount of over 688 million KZT.

“Kazakhstan Rubber Recycling” LLP
Publication date : 29.08.2018

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Inquiry on the investment project of Kazakhstan Rubber Recycling LLP

Project name "Industrial engineering for recycling of worn out motor tires into crump rubber of different factions with the use of innovative technologies"
Intended purpose Project has ecological and social-economy significance, oriented for improvement of environmental situation in Astana by safe recycling of wastes in the form of worn out car tires.
Region of project: Astana
Production capacity: Planned capacity of recycling - 15000 t. of tires per year. Actual capacity of recycling - 7500 t. of tires per year.
Technological equipment: Installation for tire recycling, module filtering installation and ventilating equipment.
Supposed products: Crump rubber of different factions
Market outlets the RoK
Application area of product: Race tracks, pavements, children's playgrounds and etc.
Project company Kazakhstan Rubber Recycling LLP
Participation share of IRK:
Partners of IFK on project: Pledger - MILS-group LLP
Status of company's activity: incumbent company
Competitive environment (consumers) this plant is unique in the RoK
Strategy of project: Search for investor/leasing out property


Applications are accepted at the address: Nur-Sultan, Yesil district, Mangilik El St., building 55a, Baiterek Business Center, 3rd floor, Asset Management Department, tel.: +7 (7172) 559-596 (ext. 322, 329).