Semipalatinsk Leather-Fur Plant LLP




Project: Semipalatinsk Leather-Fur Plant LLP

Manufacture of leather products and fur-coats


Capital assets:

— Tannage for processing of skins of cattle and manufacture of

chrome-tanned semi-finished leather, finished marketable shoe leather, furniture leather,

haberdashery leather (planned manufacturing capacity – 125 millions of square decimeters of leather per


— Sheepskin fur-coat plant for processing of skins of small cattle and manufacture of

sheepskin fur-coat semi-finished product (manufacturing capacity – 1000 thousand

of semi-finished product per year);

— Clothing manufacture for tailoring of fur-coats;

— Sanitation facility for purification of chromic industrial wastes.


Location: 164 Satpayev str., Semey, East Kazakhstan oblast, The Republic of Kazakhstan

Inquiry on the investment project

Project name Semipalatinsk Leather-Fur Plant LLP
Intended purpose Processing of skins of livestock, manufacture and marketing of leather products
Region of project: Semey, East Kazakhstan oblast
Production capacity: leather products – from 75 to 122 millions of square decimeters per year;

manufacture of fur-coats up to 147 thousand pieces per year.

Technological equipment: 1. Soaking-liming drums;

2. Hydraulic fleshing machine;

3. Hydraulic doubling machine;

4. Chromic tanning drums;

5. Hydraulic separating wringing machine;

6. Hydraulic shaving machine;

7. Colouring-oiling drums;

8. Vacuum dryer with three tables for

laying out of leather;

9. Overhead conveyor and

leather drying installation;

10. Tunnel type drying machine;

11. Equipment for vacuum packaging of finished products;

12. Scouring roller for finishing


13. Colouring-oiling polypropylene drums;

14. Sensory console box for technological processes of leather production;

15. Line for leather surface dying by


16. Line for manufacture of split leather with polyuretane coating;

Supposed products: — semi-finished products of chromic tanning “Wet blue”;

— shoe crust;

Market outlets RF, PRC, India, Italy
Status of company’s activity: incumbent company
Competitive environment (consumers) this plant is unique in the RoK
Strategy of project: Plant coming to design capacity