Astana Contract JSC and Paragon Development LLP

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Inquiry on the investment project

Project name Astana Contract JSC and Paragon Development LLP
Intended purpose “Formation of extensive transport and logistic chain”
Region of project: Astana, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Assets (status and participation share of IRK) ·         Real estate put into commission of TLC in the city Almaty (sold to investor);

·         Land lots in Astana and Almaty (on the balance of Fund).

Supposed products: Production capacity:

1. Transport and logistic centre in the city Almaty (hereinafter referred to as TLC) (sold to investro):

·         48,500 m2 of class A storage facilities

·         Storage racks with 12 m (6 tiers)

·         65,000 pallets

·         1,700 m2 customs warehouse

·         7,000 m2 warehouse for temporary storage

·         2,500 m2 official spaces of storage

·         Processing of up to 48 cars and 28 railway wagons at the same time

·         The warehouse complex management system: WMS Exceed 4000

·         Temperature control: +17  + 20 (winter), +20  + 24 (summer)

·         Container terminal in Almaty – 35 000 per year

2. Unfinished multi modal warehouse complex in Astana – construction is actually not begun.

·         Land parcels are located next to pass-by No.39 on a land parcel with total area of 45 ha in an ideal place for transportation of goods, near bypass ringway of Astana, between Astana—Kostanay and Astana—Kokshetau—Petropavlovsk highways

Project advantages:

·         It was planned to create multimodal warehouse complex, i.e. complex of logistic buildings (A and B class warehouses, container yard, vegetable storehouse and customs warehouse) capable of servicing of multimodal freight traffic.

·         Proximity to railway stub.

·         Amount of warehouse areas for 1000 people in Astana is much lower in comparison with other cities in the world including Almaty, which points to limited offer of warehousing services in the city and development potential.

Market outlets the RoK
Strategy of project: Marketing of land parcels to investor