Medeuov Usengeldy Umirzhanovych

Ombudsman of investment Fund of Kazakhstan JSC

In accordance with the Code, Ombudsman’s main tasks include ensuring Fund workers’ and officials’ integrity and giving guidance on its provisions, helping workers and officials of the Fund to prevent and regulate corporate conflicts and competing interests, assisting workers and officials of the Fund in revealing malpractices within the Fund. Meanwhile, as provided for in Item 64 of the Code, Ombudsman is to protect anonymity of a worker and an official enquiring with him regarding violation of provisions of the Code of Business Conduct, legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and internal documents of the Fund.

Upon deed of crime of officials and other workers of the Company, please feel free to contact the Ombudsman helpline at +7 701 2442227 (Medeuov Usengeldy Umirzhanovych).